Introduction To Our CBD Website

This site has been created to profile the exciting new line of products stocked by Southampton Vaping Centre that contain CBD (Cannabidiol).

Southampton Vaping Centre has been serving the people of Shirley and Southampton with premium quality and trusted vaping products for over 7 years and we wanted to provide a place for customers to purchase the same high quality and trusted CBD products.

There is such a large range now, that we thought it would be best to separate CBD and vaping products between two separate websites. This should help prevent any confusion between the two very different products. Suddenly, the market has exploded with thousands of new variations of CBD products. We have striven to source only the best of them.

This page also contains information about the history of CBD products and also the types of product that we stock. Including Creams and Balms, Capsules, Food Supplements, Tinctures and Oils, Drinks and E-liquids for Vaping.

Please Note

  • We do not sell products online.
  • We do not condone or promote the sale of illegal products, like whole flowers, buds or any products containing above the legal limits of THC.
  • All of our products are legally sourced in the UK and comply with existing EU / UK laws.
  • We are unable to give any medical advice regarding these products. You should consult a medical professional if you require this information.
  • There are many legal restrictions on what we can say regarding these products. They are sold in the UK as a food additive only. As such we are unable to make any medical claims regarding their use. There is a wealth of information already available on the internet regarding why people use these products and we highly recommend that customers search for the words CBD and their condition on one of the popular search engines.

Brands That We Stock

General Information


Did you know that Hemp has been used in thousands of products throughout history. It is one of the most versatile plants on the planet.