Reverse Nature CBD

Reverse Nature is one of the most advanced Full Spectrum CBD products on the market. Produced locally using 100% reversed engineered ‘Super Lemon Haze’ Marijuana terpenes that are sourced from Colorado.

Available in both Vape and Oral versions.

The oral version contains added  Apricot Kernel Oil. Much has been written on the benefits to cell rejuvenation by using B17, and we believe by using Apricot Kernel Oil in this way will be highly beneficial for your well-being. 

Warning: The oral version must NOT be used in vaping devices. The vape version has been specially formulated for this.

Both versions are available in 30ml glass dropper bottles in the following strengths:-

Special Offer Prices for a limited time.

450mg –  £57.99£46.80

900mg –  £74.99£58.80

1500mg – £89.99£66.00