EZ CBD Vape Range

EZ CBD – Premium CBD from Vampire Vape

Available in three flavours:-

Blue Haze – Fruity Menthol.

Menthol Haze – Extreme Menthol Chill.

Purple Haze – Iced Forest Fruits.

10ml Bottle

100mg – £7.99

200mg – £12.99

300mg – £16.99

Reverse Nature CBD

Reverse Nature is one of the most advanced Full Spectrum CBD products on the market. Produced locally using 100% reversed engineered ‘Super Lemon Haze’ Marijuana terpenes that are sourced from Colorado.

Available in both Vape and Oral versions.

The oral version contains added  Apricot Kernel Oil. Much has been written on the benefits to cell rejuvenation by using B17, and we believe by using Apricot Kernel Oil in this way will be highly beneficial for your well-being. 

Warning: The oral version must NOT be used in vaping devices. The vape version has been specially formulated for this.

Both versions are available in 30ml glass dropper bottles in the following strengths:-

Special Offer Prices for a limited time.

450mg –  £57.99£46.80

900mg –  £74.99£58.80

1500mg – £89.99£66.00

Signature CBD Full Spectrum Vape E-Liquid

This is our finest ‘Signature’ blend. Made with 100% Cannabis derived terpenes leaving you with that ‘fresh plant taste’.

Containing CBD from our Colorado sourced Isolate.

No synthetic flavourings and completely organic throughout.

Crafted using a 50/50 ratio PG/VG.

The proof is in the taste, you will not find anything to vape that is as close to the real thing!

Available in the following combinations:-


100mg – £4.49

200mg – £6.99

250mg – £8.49


1000mg – £39.99

2000mg – £56.99

2500mg – £67.99

30ml 70% PG Glass Dripper Bottle (Vape & Oral)

2000mg – £68.99


Recharge CBD Vape Shot

Recharge CBD Vape Shots are ideal for those looking to achieve fast acting, short term relief. If you’re looking to maintain steady levels of CBD, we recommend using our CBD Oil Drops.

Refined from hemp plants grown on one of California’s leading Cannabis farms, our CBD Oil has no psychoactive effects and is fully safe and legal to consume. CO2 extracted to ensure optimum purity, free from pesticides, metallics, and THC-free.

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine.

How to Use

We recommend adding 10 drops of our CBD Vape Shot to every 2ml of your regular vape liquid.


250mg – £26.00

500mg – £36.00

1000mg – £60.00